Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why, Yahweh, Do You Stand Far Off? - Psalms 10

As I said yesterday, this Psalm is closely linked to Psalm 9. He's complaining mostly about the prosperity of the wicked, and God's seeming indifference since nothing is done about it.

The Psalm starts out with the great, "why?" Why does injustice seem to reign? Why are the corrupt and jerks making the big bucks and I'm struggling to make an honest living? It's a fitting prayer or meditation for times when it seems that evil wins and good loses.

It reminds me of Job 23:8-9, and the concept of God as a Deus absconditus (a hidden God) in that we don't always see how he's working to carry out his saving work. Often the answer is akin Romans 8, where God promises that everything works together in the end for the good of his people, since nothing can separate us from his love, so our present sufferings are nothing compared to the glory to be revealed. Sometimes in our lives we see justice happen, sometimes we don't. And you see this in many Old Testament narratives, not least David himself wandering with his small group in the desert, fleeing from Saul.

But God promises in the end, ultimately at the Final Judgement to right all wrongs and call rulers and oppressors to account. I think of 2 Peter 3 where we're encouraged to be patient for the "Day of the Lord" when God will "arise" and "break the arm" of oppressor and evil-doers.

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