About This Site

Who are you?
My name is David. It's nice to meet you!
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Feel free to contact me for any comments, questions, complaints, etc. I'll respond to as many as I can.

Why did you make this site?
Basically, I want to promote devotion and discussion of the biblical texts.

You see, I've dedicated my life and professional studies to understanding the Bible. So this site is dedicated to immersing others in the biblical texts with me as I share my thoughts and experiences. There are a lot of good ideas out there about the Bible and the narrative it tells, but there are also a lot of misunderstandings out there that I feel I have answers to. This site is my way of stepping into the crowded ring and giving my piece.

What do you hope to show with this site?
I hope to demonstrate to the world how the Bible is the most satisfying and liberating way to understand and observe reality. This is because the revelation it gives enables us to understand and trust in the Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier god of the Bible, fully revealed in the Lord Jesus the Messiah, my beloved King who will come again, and who became king by living, dying, and rising in order to usher in his kingdom to restore his good creation which has gone wrong.

Basically, this site will function like a group Bible reading. So I'll comment on the type of things I'd mention to people who were reading along with me. The fallback, of course, is that I'm pretty much talking to myself. However, that's what comments are for, and I don't expect quite answers to everyone I ask.

Quick Stats:
Age: 25
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Married: Yes, to my beautiful wife Katie who's supported me all the way!
Education: BA in Liberal Arts from Martin Luther College. One year left for my M.Div. from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. 
Legal Stuff: What I write is all published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. This basically means you're free to share or modify as you see fit, provided that you (1) link back to my site and you (2) don't use any derivative work for commercial purposes.

What type of comments are you looking for to your posts?
I think we'd all appreciate comments that are constructive, have some substance, and honest. Please don't be a jerk or just try to annoy people who might disagree with you. Remember, I'm looking for discussion, not verbal brawls. 

Here's a list of typical jerk behavior in alphabetical order (not necessarily exhaustive):
Concern trolling: When you feign offering advice to favor a position that you don't actually endorse. 
Godbotting: Making an argument based only on the presupposition that such and such holy book is sufficient authority to form your case. This isn't the forum for that.
Insipidity: Being really reduntant or boring by putting little thought into what you write or simply repeating certain statements to supposedly advance your view.
Morphing: Using various pseudonyms to create counterfeit discussion or bolster certain views.
Spamming: This should go without saying, but posting comments to simply promote commercial interests.
Trolling: Making outrageous comments only for the sake of disrupting threads and not to promote a discussion.

Reformation True

Reformation True
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