Tuesday, July 26, 2011

World Trade Center Cross - Should It Stay?

If you haven't heard, recently a steel beam cross has been erected at the site of the World Trade Center as a memorial. It's set to become a permanent exhibit at the National September 11th Memorial and Museum. So the American Atheists have filed a formal complaint to have the cross removed (Atheist group wants to stop World Trade Center cross).

However, proponents claim the cross wasn't chosen because it represents Christianity, but because the symbol "provided comfort to so many people - it is a part of the history of the space." - Joe Daniels, President of the Memorial Foundation. As an interesting point, the cross-shaped girder was left standing in the midst of the wreckage, which is the why the symbol has gained fame (which makes sense given how buildings are constructed).

 He also went on to state that steel girders of other Eastern religious symbols would be part of the museum as well. Plus, proponents have stated that no complaints or concerns were filed during the discussion process. Does that matter here?

This has to do with the issue I brought up in my previous post of an "atheocracy" America's Atheocracy?. Should the government be indifferent towards religious expression in the public sphere, or should it seek to squelch religion expression in the public sphere? What do you think? How is an American Christian to view this?

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