Friday, August 19, 2011

Machine Gun Preacher

Thanks goes to my brother Stephen for sharing this:

Now, I know nothing at all beyond the trailer. But I have a few questions to throw out there:

Does this show what a genuine faith could look like which takes the good news to heart that God created and redeemed this world through the work of Israel's Messiah Jesus, and through his Spirit he sets people apart (sanctifies) to be part of his restoring purposes?

Does this insult or denigrate Africans in that they need the help of seemingly one American to fix their problems (implying that they themselves don't realize people need places to sleep or that they can't make them on their own)?

What is the situation like in Sudan, and what is being done or can be done better to heal the pain and violence happening there?

Is Gerard Butler joining (or has joined) the ranks of the handsome, yet rugged actor whom women fancy and men want to be? (Hey, I'm just throwing it out there...)

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