Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bibleworks Manuscripts

Ok, so this alone almost makes me want to get Bibleworks 9.
Bibleworks 9 - the MSS Tab

For those who may not be textual biblical text nerds, this is obviously a good idea that I've dreamed of using one day, but clearly a lot of work at the same time. Basically, what it does is let you look at specific biblical manuscripts as you look at certain verses of the Bible. This way you can analyze for yourself the manuscripts and perhaps do some textual criticism for yourself, instead of depending solely on published critical editions.

Just think how useful and crazy awesome this would be if every ancient witness to the text were digitally imagined and searchable in this way...

And as a side note, the more at least some people start (hopefully) reading manuscripts, the more and more they'll see how the Koine pronunciation of this time was akin to how the esteemed Dr. Randall Buth lays it out here:
(I did see an εκει spelled εκι in the video...)

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