Saturday, September 3, 2011

N.T. Wright Clip of the Day - Evil

Here's a clip of the esteemed bishop giving his pitch, of sorts, for one of his great popular (as in for everyone, not just scholars) books, Evil and the Justice of God

In this book N.T. Wright lays out his critique of modern Western culture's failure to recognize evil for what it is, and for going about "solving" the problem of evil through arrogant, misguided, harmful,  and 
ultimately ineffective means (which is an intregal part of his take on post-Enlightenment thought), while  infecting at least part of the Church with this mindset along the way. 

It's worth the read for anyone who wonders, "Why is God doing about all the suffering in the world?" or "How can God be a just god?"
Evil and the Justice of God

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