Friday, September 2, 2011

Free Online Academic Bibles Are Now Available!

Right now, everyone in the world has free access to some of the best (arguable) scholarly work on the biblical texts. The internet is awesome.

I'm not sure how long this site has been up, but the German Bible Society (Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft), which is well-known among Bible scholars for their critical editions of the Bible and apocryphal texts, have published them online for your viewing pleasure!

The online Bibles are the BHS (minus accents and Masorah), Nestle-Aland 27, UBS, Septuagint (Rahlfs/Hanhart), Vulgate (Weber/Gryson), King James, Luther (1984 revision), and NET (one of my favorites!). You need to sign up to get access to certain online features (like searches). 

I can imagine, especially for mission fields and amateur (or cheap) Bible scholars, this will be a great tool!


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